Song of the Sirens


Relaxing Original Music for People of All Ages

Combining beautiful vocals with richly layered instrumentals, composer-songwriter Dr. Renee Smith M.D. creates delightful music that is both soothing and engaging. She portrays positive values and life themes in her lyrics, and incorporates the joy of discovery and the sheer fun of music into every piece. Founded in 1997, Songs of the Sirens Music has released over a dozen seasonal and children's music collections.

Located near Los Angeles, California, composer-songwriter Dr. Renee Smith M.D. has over 25 years of experience as a psychiatrist and developmental specialist as well as more than 30 years of experience as a mom and musician. She uses her experience to create music that promotes healthy healing and encourages child development. Her music is specifically designed to capture the growing mind of a child, targeting the areas she believes are important and nourishing the developing brain.

From stirring piano solos to fun children's music, lose yourself in the joyful music of composer-songwriter Renee Smith. Contact her in Los Angeles, CA, to learn more.

Doctor Renee's Music is also available on iTunesAmazon, and Spotify