The Story of Song of the Sirens

"I have always written music; and when my children were born, I started writing music specifically designed to delight and interest each specific child. I was pleasantly surprised at how valuable a tool I had created. My children listened to the songs I wrote, and I began to realize that certain themes and certain sounds were striking in their ability to captivate my child and that it varied with age. Though there is a lot of interpersonal variability, certain patterns began to emerge, and this is how Song of the Sirens Music was born.

"Since then, I have composed music specifically designed to capture the developing mind of your child, targeting the areas I believe are important, and nourishing the growing brain. Positive values, life themes, the joy of discovery, and the sheer fun of music are the tools I have tried to capture and portray in my collections of songs. Each one of my 12 collections of original music targets a different theme that I have found to be stimulating to the developing brain. Please feel free to peruse my songs and see for yourself the positive effect it can have on the neurologic development of your child's brain and how she or he interprets the world.

"My kids hated Barney. They were indifferent to Baby Mozart, but they blossomed and thrived with Song of the Sirens Music. It's fun and the songs are catchy and memorable. Your children will be humming and singing along before you know it.

"I have worked with schools and music programs, and I am happy to report that there have been many, many children that have liked the music so much, they were encouraged to start playing an instrument. When music is fun, it's not a lesson. It's not a chore. It's the sheer delight in the beauty of sound and the way we feel it within that stimulates brain growth and pattern development."

-- Renee Smith, M.D.