From a full collection of stirring instrumentals to a CD specially designed for young dancers, Song of the Sirens Music has something for everyone. Renee's music appeals to the developing minds of young children as well as the more mature tastes of adults.

Paint the Sky (2010)

Paint the sky in your child’s life, and help them see the beautiful sights our world has to offer.

Flute Favorites (2006)

A compilation of 12 beautiful and relaxing songs featuring piano and flute duets.

Piano Solos (2005)

A compilation of 13 songs with beautiful, relaxing, and uplifting piano solos.

Pony Tales (2004)

14 songs inspired by horses and the children who love them.

Instrumental Favorites (2003)

Instrumental versions of some of the most popular tracks from Song of the Sirens Music.

The Phoenix Rises (2002)

I created this music for my own loved ones that grieve, and I hope it can help others, too.

Songs for Little Dancers (2001)

Songs inspired by and recalling the rush and freedom found only on the dance floor.

Angel of the Sea (2001)

Songs evoking the peace and beauty of the undersea world.

Seeds and Songs (2000)

This music is a glorious celebration of life, growth, and creativity.

Angels and Mermaids (2000)

An eclectic collection of original music for all ages.

Lullabies for My Little Angels (1999)

Original lullabies designed to delight children and help them relax.

Songs for Mommy and Me (1998)

Kids and parents alike will be humming these catchy tunes and singing with each other.