Angels and Mermaids (2000)


An eclectic collection of original music for all ages. Let the Angel take you to the highest reaches of the spirit! Go with the Mermaid deep into the ocean of your dreams and the mystical world of the collective unconscious. When you return from this magical, musical odyssey, your life and everything you see may never be the same!

Angels and Mermaids is the 3rd album from composer-songwriter Renee Smith, M.D. Featuring 12 songs inspired by dreams and the ocean. Click the links below to hear samples of each song, buy a single track, or the whole album.

Track List

1. Angels and Mermaids
2. Believe
3. My Pony Flies
4. Balloon Ride
5. Sisters
6. Guardian Angel
7. Song of the Whales
8. How Many Ways?
9. Angel Dear
10. Clouds (instrumental)
11. The Sea Cradles Me (instrumental)
12. Mermaid Dream


Media & Links

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