Songs for Mommy and Me (1998)


This music is sure to calm the savage beast that can get into children. Kids stop to listen to the fun words and sound effects, and are soothed and pacified without even knowing it's happening! Parents enjoy the music and it makes a perfect collection of songs for the car. The messages are loving and positive and are food for very sweet dreams. Every song tells a little story which make the characters come alive.

Songs for Mommy and Me is the 1st album from composer-songwriter Renee Smith, M.D. Featuring 13 songs designed for the whole family to enjoy together. Kids and parents alike will be humming the catchy tunes and singing the songs with each other. Click the links below to hear samples of each song, buy a single track, or the whole album.

Track List

1. Symphony
2. Stuffed Rabbit
3. Git Along Lil' Cowboy
4. Angel
5. Estella the Ballerina
6. Junebug
7. Ragdoll
8. Melody
9. Los Caballitos (Little Horses)
10. Little Princess
11. A Lullaby for Big Kids
12. Las Estrellas (The Stars)
13. Like a River


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