Lullabies for My Little Angels (1999)


Lullabies for My Little Angels is the 2nd album from composer-songwriter Renee Smith, M.D. Renee has once again created the perfect music for parents to enjoy together with their kids. This collection of 12 original lullabies will delight yet at the same time lull children into a relaxed and mellow state. The songs are progressively relaxing, yet interesting to children so they don't notice the gradual winding down that is occurring.

As a child psychiatrist, Renee understands the importance of helping children to reach a relaxed state. This is also an important skill that some adults find difficult. Music can help bring your heart rate and blood pressure down, and can lessen many other indicators of stress in the body. The music of Lullabies for My Little Angels has a healing quality that makes it transcend age. Everyone can benefit from this delightful collection of songs!

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Track List

1. Make a Wish
2. Rock You Slowly
3. Git Along Lil' Cowboy
4. Angel
5. Summer Rain
6. Twilight Birds
7. Little Horses
8. The Moon & Stars
9. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
10. Don't Go to Sleep
11. A Lullaby for Big Kids (instrumental)
12. Nicole Renee (instrumental)


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