Paint the Sky (2010)


"The sky and all its many magnificent arrays of color and shapes is a site we see each day and therefore can become quite immune to the grandeur ever changing. It is there if you look for it. As a parent I always felt it was important to point out the world's beauty to my children, both physical and metaphoric . As a society we are constantly inundated with dark pictures and pessimistic attitudes that bombard developing young minds. As a mother (grandmother now) and as a psychiatrist I believe it behooves me to point out that life is beautiful and there is a bright loveliness that we can see every day if only we look. Pointing out something delightful to a child every day, like a seed sprouting, a baby laughing, or a multi-hued sunset, can help to balance the dismal images that are readily highlighted in this media-ridden age. I don’t want a single child to conclude that the world is a dark, frightening, ugly place. Paint the sky on your child's ceiling. Paint the sky in your child’s life, and encourage them to learn how to look for the beautiful sights and experiences our wonderful world has to offer."

Paint the Sky is the 12th album from composer-songwriter Renee Smith, M.D. Featuring 13 uplifting songs, it is a hopeful, optimistic, and loving message to all who listen. Click the links below to hear samples of each song, buy a single track, or the whole album.

Track List

1. Paint the Sky
2. Happy Monday!
3. Sky Blue
4. Baby Dreams
5. Balloon Ride
6. The Marvelous Moon
7. Blue Stars
8. Don't Turn Your Back On a Rainbow
9. Shooting Star
10. Angel Dear
11. Make A Wish
12. Clouds
13. Serene Skies

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