Seeds and Songs
to Make 'em Grow (2000)


Music is a primal force that helps life thrive! Tests have shown how much plants respond to music. Seedlings can grow lush, luxuriant, and healthy in response to music. So will your kids! This collection of 13 original songs is the 4th album from composer-songwriter Renee Smith, M.D.: healer, physician, musician, and MOM.

This music is a glorious celebration of life, growth, creativity, and the wonderful task we all have in nurturing our own new "seeds." This music is part of that loving care that all living things need. The music has even been scientifically tested - the seeds exposed to it for at least 1 hour per day grew and thrived significantly better than the seeds that didn't get any music but had every other environmental variable the same. Think of what it could do for your kids! Click the links below to hear samples of each song, buy a single track, or the whole album.

Track List

1. A Story, a Poem
2. Daisy
3. Tulips
4. Rain
5. Brand New Sprout
6. Melody
7. Music Is Like Water
8. Dandelion
9. A Little Tune
10. Growing
11. Sing!
12. My Watermelon Grows
13. Love and a Song


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