Songs for Little Dancers (2001)


Music and Movement: The wonderful soul-strengthening experience that we call Dance. Music is something that everyone, from the youngest child to the octogenarian, can respond to. Some music demands that we stand up and Dance! When we obey our impulses, our spirits are set free, and once again the little child inside can delight in the exhilerating experience that moving with the music generates. Let these songs awaken that little child inside, and you, too, can be set free!

Songs for Little Dancers is the 6th album from composer-songwriter Renee Smith, M.D. Featuring 15 songs inspired by and recalling the rush and freedom found only on the dance floor, this album will start your toes tapping and your heart pounding. Click the links below to hear samples of each song, buy a single track, or the whole album. And don't forget your ballet slippers!

Track List

1. Old Dancing Shoes
2. The Littlest Ballerina
3. My Feet Want to Dance!
4. Estela the Ballerina
5. Daisy
6. Tulips
7. Rain

8. Old Dancing Shoes
9. The Littlest Ballerina
10. My Feet Want to Dance!
11. Estela the Ballerina
12. Daisy
13. Tulips
14. Rain
15. The Last Gray Swan


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