The Phoenix Rises (2002)


Song of the Sirens presents The Phoenix Rises, a collection of original music featuring 13 songs inspired by and dealing with grief and loss. This sweet, poignant, uplifting, and inspirational music will envelop and comfort all those that grieve.

The Phoenix Myth occurs across cultures and across time. It portrays the concept that the ashes of loss can give birth to whole new beginnings. Dr. Renee Smith, psychiatrist and composer, has created this collection of music using her expertise as a healer and psychotherapist.

Renee states, "The pathways of grief are as varied and multi-faceted as we are individual. All of us must find our own way to navigate this important universal experience: loss. No one way is THE way, but if successfully traversed, life can become richer and ever more rewarding. I created this music for my own loved ones that grieve, and I hope it can help others to find their way through this important process. No one is untouched by the sadness of loss. The Phoenix Rises recognizes and embraces this sadness, and results in a deeper and more tempered experience of life."

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Track List

1. One Last Song
2. Song Heals
3. Angel of Sorrow
4. Mourning Dove
5. The Last Gray Swan
6. Historia Triste
7. When I Close My Eyes
8. Twilight Birds
9. Symphony
10. Angel of May
11. Forever
12. Nicole Renee
13. Clouds


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